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Brunch with Russell Biles
Saturday, December 14, 2019, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

District Clay Brunch with Russell Biles

Sponsored by The James Renwick Alliance, The District Clay Center and The Center for Contemporary Political Art

December 14, 2019 | 10AM - 12PM
District Clay | 2414 Douglas Street NE
Special Invitation to JRA Members

District Clay invites JRA members to an exclusive, slightly subversive brunch with artist Russell Biles at their pinnacle exhibition, Subversive NatureAttendees will help Russell choose his next VOTE figurine while also looking for hidden treasure.

Russell Biles comes from rural South Carolina, was an Eagle Scout, served in the military, and describes himself as the first stay-at-home dad.  A son of the South, he creates detailed porcelain figures that poke at racial injustice, anti-immigration screeds, and voter apathy.  Ruth Bader Ginsberg's courageous fight inspired his most recent work, Captain America Calling

Biles did not go to art school.  Instead, he was mentored by a string of talented women ceramic sculptors who were largely ignored by the more well-known artists of the day.  He partly describes his work, which is held by the Museum of Art and Design, the Mint Museum, and the Essex Peabody Museum, as revenge for their lack of credit.   

The artist stands for individual expression but insists that community action can be the most important thing an individual can do.  Accordingly, his new installation piece, GIVE, inspired District Clay to put on its first blood drive (held on Nov. 27).  His other installation, VOTE, is a visual reminder of what happens when you don’t show up on election day.  

Contact: [email protected]